David and Sarah Altman Hickox

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David Hickox was born January 13, 1798 in New Haven, Connecticut. David first married Elizabeth Knowles and she died very soon after giving birth to his stillborn twins.
He then married Miss Sarah Altman In 1828. Sarah was born in 1812, Wayne County Georgia. She was the daughter of Thomas Altman and Lucy Leigh.

David served as Justice of peace of the 590th district, Ware County, 1833-1841. This section of Ware where he lived was cut into Pierce County in its formation partly out of Ware in 1858, and into Brantley County in 1920.
He was a private in the Indian War, serving in Capt. James Jones' company, Ware County militia, Aug. 26th to September 15, 1840. He drew lot 232 in Cherokee Co., GA in the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia, and 600 acres in of land in Wayne County.

On June 21st 1860 David, Sarah and family are living in Blackshear, Pierce County, Georgia. His son Benjamin and his wife Elizabeth are living next door. On July 18th 1870 his daughter Drucilla age 39 and Levicy age 19. Also living in his household is his daughter Nancy (Hickox) Smith age 35 and her two children, Owen age 7 and Jane age 5.

Mr. and Mrs Hickox were faithful members of the Primitive Baptist Church. They were originally members of High Bluff Church into which they were received and baptized March 10, 1841. Four years later when the church "on the Buffalo" was organized nearer their home, they were dismissed by letter Jan. 11, 1845, (from the High Bluff Church) to enter into its organization. They continued members at Hickox until their deaths. This church is located in the edge of the little village known as Hickox, and is named New Hope Church.

New Hope/Buffalo Primitive Baptist Church formed from the High Bluff Church. It was originally located in Wayne County near Charlton County. (Sometimes referred to as Hickox Church.) Sarah and her husband David are reported to be the first to be buried in the cemetery there.

source: "The Story of Brantley County Georgia" Pg's. 61,147.

The Hickox home and farm was located between the present town of Hoboken and the village of Hickox.

To them were born 21 children, of whom apparently six died at birth or in infancy.

(1) Elizabeth was born 1829 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

Elizabeth married John Matthews. He was born in Florida.

(2)Thomas was born 1831 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

Thomas Hickox is living in Waynesville, Wayne County, Georgia on 23rd July 1860 as a Farmer with his wife Nancy.

(3) Drusilla was born 1832 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

Drusilla married John Luther Warren. He was born 1817 in Swainsboro, Emanuel County, Georgia. He died Feb. 3, 1878 in Ware County, Georgia. Drusilla and John never had children.

(4) James Butler was born 1833 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

James Butler married Nancy McClellan. She was born August 8th, 1828. She was the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Highsmith McClellan.

(5) Nancy was born 1835 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

Nancy married Simon Smith.

(6) Benjamin Franklin was born in 1837 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.
He died on October 30, 1920.

Benjamin married Elizabeth Crews. She was born May 15th 1843. She was the daughter of Micajah and Emiliza Robinson Crews.

Benjamin enlisted Mar 1,1862 in a company nicknamed the "Wayne Rangers", Capt. T. S. Hopkins, which later became a unit of the 4th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry. He was promoted to 3rd Corporal December 1863, transferred to Clinch's Artillery Company, and his last muster record shows present September 1864. Records show that he was AWOL (absent without leave) on October 29, 1864, but was promoted to Sergeant in December, 1864. Benjamin was captured December 13, 1864 at Ft. McAllister GA., and transferred to Hilton Head Feb 1, 1865. He was released at Point Lookout MD June 28, 1865.

(7) Jonathan David (twin)was born March 15, 1839 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

In 1858 Jonathan David and Lucinda Jones Green were the first couples to be married in the newley formed Pierce County.
Lucinda Green was the daughter of Burrell Jones and her mother was a Dowling. She was raised by John and Mary "Polly" Harper. Mary Harper was her aunt. Mary Harper lived with David and Lucinda. She was listed in the census as a servant and aunt.

Jonathan enlisted as a Private June 21, 1862 for the war at Waynesville, GA, the "Camden Mounted Rifles", Capt. Nathan Atkinson Brown, a unit of the Cavalry Command south of the Altamaha River. This company subsequently became Co. "C" of the 4th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry.

He was absent on furlough in Ware County GA from August 23 to September 1,1862, and was present thru June 19,1862. He was listed as AWOL June 20, but was listed as present June 30 to December 1, 1863.

Jonathan was transferred to Capt. Nicholas Bayard Clinch's Artillery Company Dec 1, 1863 Present thru September 15,1864; AWOL September 16, 1864; Last paid March 1, 1864; No further record.

(8) David Jonathan (twin)was born March 15, 1839 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

David Jonathan married Catherine Crawford. She was born in 1839 in Ware County, Georgia. She was the daughter of William and Nancy Lee Crawford.

David Jonathan enlisted as a Private April 10, 1862 in the 26th GA Volunteer Infantry, for the war in "Forest Rangers", Co. K (Old Co. H) at Waynesville; Hospitalized in Winder Hospital (VA) Nov 4, 1862. He was wounded at Spottsylvania in May 1864, and died July 18, 1864.

Source: South Georgia Rebels (Alton Murray)

On July 18,1864, The 26th GA Infantry regiment was acting as part of the rear guard to the Confederate forces under Lieut. General Early which was retreating from a campaign to attempt to run the Federals out of the Shenandoah Valley and had just been to the outskirts of Washington, DC where they had threatened the Federal Capital. After concluding that the Federals were too heavy in numbers and arms to attempt an assault on the Capital, GEN Early withdrew to the Northwest, retreating into the Valley via Snicker’s Gap, which pierces the Blue Ridge Mountains near Berryville, between Winchester and Leesburg, VA. At the Shenandoah River, just to the west of the gap, the Confederate rear guard was attacked by the Federal forces, but drove them off, thereby protecting the Confederate rear. It appears that David was killed in that engagement. He is buried in the national cemetery at Winchester, VA in one of the few marked Confederate graves. His was originally marked "Hecox", but reportedly has since been marked correctly by a descendent.

(9) Perry Lee was born September 21,1840 in Hickox, Wayne County, Georgia.

Perry Lee married Arcadia Harris. She was born March 10, 1850 in Wayne County, Georgia. She was the daughter of John and Lucinda Lewis Harris.

Perry enlisted as a private July 29, 1861 in Company "D" (Seaboard Guards) at Satilla, Georgia for 12 months. He was hospitalized at Winder (Georgia run Hospital in Virginia) from October 9, to October 26, 1862 (Sharpsburg Campaign); and at Hugeunot Springs, Virginia, til December 31, 1862 (Fredericksburg Campaign). He was wounded at Fredericksburg, Hamilton's Crossing (Chancellorsville Campaign) on May 3, 1863, and sent to Chimbarazo Hospital (Richmond) May 9, 1863. He was granted a 40 day furlough on June 25, 1863.

Perry was captured at Petersburg on March 25, 1865 (Fort Stedman), and released at Point Lookout, Maryland on June 28, 1865.

Source: South Georgia Rebels (Alton Murray);

Wounded in left thigh at Second Manassas (actually believed to be at Chantilly, a following action fought on September 1, 1862. He was wounded a second time at Fredericksburg (Marye's Heights) on May 22, 1863. Perry was captured at Petersburg on March 25, 1865, and released at Point Lookout, Maryland on June 28, 1865. Captured by Yankees. Released from Yankee prison and walked home.

(10) Sarah was born 8 Oct 1842 in Ware County, Georgia.

Sarah married Jabez Jackson Dowling. He was the son of James and Rebecca Dowling.

(11) Isaac was born 1844 in Ware County, Georgia. Isaac enlisted as a Private Oct 20, 1862 in Co. "K" 4th GA Cavalry. Present thru Apr 1863. Isaac died on May 20, 1863 at Waynesville, Georgia.

(12) Keziah was born 1846 in Ware County, Georgia. She died in girlhood.

(13) Harley Jacob was born November 6,1848 in Ware County, Georgia.

Harley Jacob married (1) Nancy Taylor. Nancy was born January 26, 1856 and died on January 16,1930. She was the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Ayers Taylor. She was buried with her first husband John Darling Dowling at Moore Cemetery.

Harley Jacob married (2) Sarah O'Steen.

(14) Levicy was born 1851 in Ware County, Georgia.

Levicy married Charles T. Lyens.

(15) Mary M. was born 1851 in Ware County, Georgia.

Mary married Samuel Wesley Lynes. He was born April 29,1842,Liberty County Georgia.

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