Our bodies were not designed to last forever. Thank goodness. Only a bit of reflection helps us realize that immortality would not be suitable to us or to the planet. But a serious illness challenges us and reminds us how much we wish to live. So we set out on a path to overcome our illness, and often it's a confusing path that presents us with complicated choices for which we are not prepared.
Coping with a serious illness stretches us and pushes us to the edge of our capacity and then further. But this journey through illness can be an awakening - a deepening of our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to all life. We are challenging to learn how to cope with pain. We are challenged to stay in the present moment. We are challenged to be clear about what's important in life and not to be distracted. Your journey may be unique but you are not alone.
Many people report that their quality of life is actually better since their diagnosis. May you meet your challenges with wisdom and courage.